Autopoiesis  What Remains Of Cinema #2  An interactive video installation by André Werner

Autopoiesis, like its prequel La Femme et Le Fou, is an interactive closed circuit installation.

An old black-and-white TV set and an analog video camera are directly connected opposite to each other, creating a feedback loop in a closed circuit.

The single frame of this edition, a selfie image of a nude girl standing in front of the mirror in a changing cubicle, 

is printed on an overhead sheet and placed, hanging on thin thread, between the camera and the monitor.

Thus, the image, which in itself reflects an autopoietic system, becomes part of the loop, jumping into the TV, immediately reborn in the camera, an autopoietic beauty.

Autopoiesis The beauty of infinite multiplication Autopoiesis refers to a system capable of  reproducing and maintaining itself. Here the charming word applies to the autopoietic quality of the digital image in the age of online reproduction.