Viennese Catherine Window | Wiener Katharinenrad

Viennese Catherine Window | Vienna Art Week.

Wiener Katharinenrad | Viennese Catherine Window, a closed circuit installation created during an artist residence at the MuseumsQuartier Vienna.  You can see the set up here.

A rose window or Catherine window is often used as a term applied to a circular window, especially used for those found in churches of the Gothic architectural style. In modern Catholic thought, the rose window is often associated with the Virgin Mary because one of her titles, referred to by St Bernard of Clairvaux, is the “Mystical Rose”. Rose windows are also called Catherine windows after Saint Catherine of Alexandria who was sentenced to be executed on a spiked wheel.

Created and presented at the residence studio MuseumsQuartier Vienna during the Vienna Art week, November 2014.

Made possible with the kind support of the team quartier 21/MQ and Franziska Helmreich.