… Follows You at GEH8

André Werner,

Interactive Light objects at the second edition Longing for the NOW.


The exhibition Sehnsucht nach dem JETZT/Longing for the NOW is coming to the GEH8 in Dresden. This art space is very different to the first station at Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin. Thus, the show comes with many new works, like my interactive Light objects.


Sehnsucht nach dem JETZT/Longing for the NOW
11. September – 4. Oktober 2020
Opening: Friday 11. September 6pm
GEH8, Dresden


Atsushi Fukunaga | Renate Herter |  Andreas Kempe | Ulrike Kötz | Bärbel Möllmann | Ulrike Möschel | Julia Murakami | Anja Nitz | Daniel Rode | Andreas Sachsenmaier | Thyra Schmidt | Joachim Seinfeld | Axel Töpfer + Jo Preußler | Rebecca Ann Tess | Klaus Walter | André Werner