Iron Curtain | Kaos am Wall

Iron Curtain #3 | A public kakophonisches Klang-Vision-Happening.

Iron Curtain | The Movie, featuring Mark Reeder, Bob Rutman, Dirk Kalinowski, Wolfram Spyra, Teresa Riemann and the audience.

Iron Curtain | Kaos am Wall | Fri Nov 10th 2017 Galiläa church, (now the home of the museum of youth resistance) Rigaer Straße 9.

28 years after the tumbling of the Berlin wall some good friends, under the label of the Iron Curtain project, celebrated the role of punk, chaos and art on both sides of the formerly divided Berlin. Still anarchists from the heart, the gang, together with friends created a wild mash up of live music, video footage, old tapes and lost tunes into 28 minutes of pure chance, noise and fun. Together with the skilled friends of Directors Lounge I had the pleasure to capture the frenzy in a short documentary.


A true Fuck Yeah Old School event.

Some background info about the project can be found here.