Mannaka No Ie

Mannaka No Ie (The House In The Middle)

“The crying swallow flies at dawn”
Pure japanese poetry,
entirely filmed in the deserts of Nevada.

A video by André Werner, 8 min 17s, 2006, Japanese with english subtitles

lyrics (Izuru Deguchi, taken from Tenshi no kôkotsu by Koji Wakamatsu)

The crying swallow flies at dawn
The sun´s radiance is also very sad.
Even the sound of the wind
pierces a stony heart.

Ideal for a burning cheek.

I will file my nails in the dark.

This is our battle ground.
A silent battle front.

A crying swallow flies at dawn.

I throw a tiny flame
towards bright crimson blood.
In any barren field.

Burn the dawn!
Burn the streets at dawn!
This is a fire. Oh fire, this is…
Our battle ground.

This is a fire. Oh fire, this is…
Our silent battle front

Your white soul is gone.

This is a silent battle front.

But that doesn´t mean that I´m lonely.
That I´m not.
I just walk, keep going.

This is a silent battle front.

From that incandescent instant,
that infinite instant.
The infinite instant of yours and mine,
the instant we bet everything…