Souvenirs d’une caméra | Memories of a camera

Souvenirs d’une caméra | Memories of a camera

What remains of cinema | ? live stream | ce qu’il reste du cinéma

September 11 – October 4 | Sat, Sun 2pm – 6m CET

as part of Sehnsucht nach dem Jetzt/Longing for the Now, GEH8, Dresden

The second live video installation and the sixth installment of my series of single-frame video installations “What remains of cinema | ce qu’il reste du cinéma“.
A short (less than 20 sec) video, an innocent memory, is shown to the camera. What follows is solely the memory of this clip, played “live” in delay, an echo of a movie gone by. The imagery of this live closed circuit installation consists mainly of images from a film that does not exist.

Souvenirs d’une caméra | Memories of a camera, closed circuit live installation in a 96 sec. loop, 2020
The score of Tango recordings from the 1920s and 30s is about half n hour long.

First streamed May 5 – 20 | 3pm – 2am CET

Due to the different delay of the live video and the unsynchronous score every loop will be different.