Into the Blue | Fragments from the TV Generation

André Werner, skin deep, polaroid SX70 tryptich, ca1988.
skin deep, polaroid SX70 tryptich, ca 1988.

The collector of images: The substitution of the final transition. The greatest of all passages. But here we can feel free to dive deeper: We are obliterating sexuality by photographing it. We try to keep it alive by staging it, but only in its domesticated form. If we shoot sexuality in all its ordinariness, we do so solely because we cannot cope with its blatant ordinariness anymore. If we shoot it, we obliterate it. We have it in the can. In the dollhouse of life.

Dr. Hershey: To be watched. Behind bulletproof glass.

Love you, André Werner, polaroid SX70, 1987
Love you, polaroid SX70, 1987



All dialogues and video stills (unless otherwise stated) are from the (unfinished) film „In the Eye of the Hunter, In the Heart of the Collector“ by Cosima Reif and André Werner, 1994.