Into the Blue | Fragments from the TV Generation

Dr. Hershey: Video was made exclusively for this decade. A certain rite of passage is slowly becoming essential: A millennium is lying on its deathbed. We can hear the death rattle. In spite of techno music, the death rattle permeates everything. Therefore, we put the video camera to our eye, drinking, swigging and guzzling in advance of ourselves?

The collector of images: We are afraid of living in a year with three zeros. The faster the turn of the millennium approaches, the more hectically we photograph time.

Dr. Hershey: My God! Our elixir of life is dying. Time is coming to an end. The last exercise is to photograph time.

The collector of images: Did you ever wonder why the the glass screen of the television picture tube is so impenetrable? You‘ll need a bigger caliber to shoot through it.

Dr. Hershey: Well, it‘s guarding the sanctum. A sacrament. For example, pornography ….