Into the Blue | Fragments from the TV Generation

In the Eye of the Hunter - In the Heart of the Collector by André Werner and Cosima Reif.

Dr. Hershey: A simple rite of passage. Pay the admission and you are allowed to poke your way in the dark. A Sunday image-devouring ritual.

The collector of images: Photographing is thus also a ritual. What is overlooked in the process?

Dr. Hershey: Trespasses. Passages. Change. Transformation. Approaching other people. Invading someone‘s private sphere. Photography was invented to make this digestible. Photography became significant; remember the heartwarming stiff images of the 19th century, with holiday pictures, wedding photographs, images of confirmations, school enrollments, and lying in state. There are not many more passages, watersheds in the life of a person.

The collector of images: Love. First job. First woman. First broken heart. First losses.

Dr. Hershey: One dies, becomes another. How dreadful if one completely ceased to be. Look at old class photos, I promise you‘ll suffer.

The collector of images: But video? Does it still hurt?